agelessagingThere is more to ageless ageing than lotions, creams, masks and botox!

Ageless aging starts with a belief and understanding that food is medicine and the best medicine is healthy GST free food! If you are paying GST that means the food is:-
1.Fast food (take away food)
2.Package food & canned food
3.Processed food.

The best food is fresh and raw!

The best foods that you can consume for your skin are those referred to as Antioxidants which create healthy skin cells; this is because the cellular damage caused by free radicals is believed to be responsible for initiating premature aging of the skin. Your skin is your biggest organ and is fast at replacing and rejuvenating it’s skin cells, this means once the regrowth of cells slows down aging occurs faster. In other words eat the right foods and you can slow down the aging process.

Antioxidants such as Beta-Carotene are found in dark leafy vegetables and in yellow and orange coloured fruits and vegetable. These create Vitamin A in the body as the body requires it. Vitamin A has been found to be excellent for the skin.

Other Antioxidants such as “Bioflavonoids” or Vitamin P provide the orange and yellow colour in citrus fruits which prevents capillary fragility and easy bruising and, again, is very aging to the skin. “Capsaicin” gives chilli peppers their bite which is known to have beneficial effects on blood fats and reduce bad cholesterol.

“Carotenoids” are naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables and is an antioxidant which gives some fruits and vegetables their red colour.

“Catechins” are found in green tea and berries and help fight against viral infection. Berries are also known to be a super food very affective in reversing the aging of skin and blueberries are also known as a brain food.

“Coumarins” are natures own blood thinners found in many fruits and vegetables including parsley, cereal grains and citrus fruits.

“Cruciferous Indoles” found in cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts induces protective enzymes that deactivate estrogen.

“Ellagic Acid” found in cherries, grapes and strawberries prevents healthy cells from changing.

It goes without saying that living an active life adds to a healthy and long life; you don’t have go to the gym everyday but a good brisk walk everyday for at least 30 minutes (for your entire life not just for a year or 2) is the best way to get the most out of your life.

Below is what I would recommend to remove from your life and diet, as well as what to add, in order to reverse the aging process.

1. Stop smoking (smoking is very aging to the skin).
2. Reduce alcohol intake to safe levels; binge drinking is known to be far more adverse to your general and mental health than drinking a couple of alcoholic drinks on a regular basis.
3. Reduce sugar intake and watch out for hidden sugars, like in fruit juice (especially apple juice). Soft drinks (most soft drinks consumed in high doses induce rapid weight gain).
4. Processed carbohydrates such as white bread which, once consumed, will clog up veins like glue. Avoid cakes and biscuits which are high in sugars and have little nutritional value.
5. Avoid deep fried foods.

Remove the above from your diet and you will notice a significant improvement in your weight, health and even your skin. You really can change your skin from grey, saggy and wrinkly to bright, plump and smooth in a matter of months. So go on, put a glow on that lovely face of yours.

Foods to add to your diet to aid in healthy skin in alphabetical order are:-

Almonds, Alfalfa, Artichoke, Avocado, Avocado Oil, Beetroot, Berries, Brown Rice, Broccoli, Coconut Oil, Dark Grapes, Eggs (boiled free range) Garlic, Green Tea, Flax Seeds, Herbs, Kale, Kidney Beans, Leeks, Lentils, Legumes, Milk, Mint, Oats, Olive Oil, Oysters, Oily Fish, Pumpkin Seeds, Salmon, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Tomatoes, Tuna Fish, Water, Water Cress.

So add a bit of colour to you dinner plate and not only will your skin be grateful but so will your body. You will feel an increase in energy, you will feel happier and much more motivated to be present in your life. Do yourself a favour take 3 months out of your life to do something for yourself, your family will love you for it!

Article written by Johanna Johns, Shed the Kilos www.johannajohns.com.au